Point Washington WWTF Upgrade and Flow Equalization

Point Washington WWTF Upgrade and Flow Equalization


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This project involved upgrading the existing 0.75 MGD Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility to a capacity of 2.0 MGD and reusing existing tanks as post-equalization tanks and aerobic digesters. Components include a rotating drum screen, teacup degritter, dual sequencing batch reactors, flow equalization, rapid sand filtration, and high-level disinfection.  Another phase of this project involved installation of a 750,000 gallon influent equalization tank to dampen seasonal peak flows into the WWTP. Components include fully automated aeration and mixing equipment and a line-up of six 20 Hp submersible pumps. Firm’s responsibility included historical flow analysis, process design, hydraulic design, pump selection, permitting, and engineering services through construction, and construction administration of the project.

Board of Professional Engineers License No. 6155 & Surveying & Mapping Business License No. LB 7137