Bristol Wastewater Collection & Treatment Facility

Bristol Wastewater Collection & Treatment Facility


City of Bristol

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Bristol’s first centralized sewer system was funded by combining grant and low-interest loans in two phases.  This project consisted of construction of a new 0.250 MGD wastewater treatment facility. Improvements included influent screens, a grit chamber, SBR and Post-Equalization tanks, disinfection facilities, rapid infiltration basins, aerobic sludge digester, sludge drying beds, and control building. The total collection system in Phase I consisted of approximately 47,000 LF of gravity sewer (mostly 8, 10, PVC inch lines), approximately 200 manholes, six lift stations with their required force mains, and six miles of a ten inch force main along SR 12, conveying sewage to the wastewater treatment plant. Phase I included a low-pressure force main system (grinder stations) along SR 12 north and along a portion of SR 20. PRI was responsible for the surveying, engineering, permitting and construction administration aspects of the project.

Board of Professional Engineers License No. 6155 & Surveying & Mapping Business License No. LB 7137