Roads & Bridges

Downtown Revitalization - $650,000.00
The City secured CDBG funds to improve the streetscape on Reid Avenue.... Read More

CR 274 at Willis Bridge - $300,000.00
Relocate approximately 3000 feet of road in conjunction with the Willis... Read More

Calhoun County Road CDBG 2000 - $800,000.00
Paving, grading and drainage improvements to seven (7) dirt roads at scattered... Read More

Opportunity (Industrial) Park – Wakulla County, Florida - $400,000.00
Approximately 6,800 feet of new roads in conjunction with the Opportunity... Read More

FEMA Storm Damage Reconstruction - $1,000,000.00
Replacement of five (5) bridges or major culverts, destroyed by storms.... Read More

Seascape Pedestrian Tunnel – Old Highway 98 - $200,000.00
A tunnel under U.S. Highway 98 to allow ease of access to the beach without... Read More

Gulf County Road Bond - $2,000,000.00
Resurfacing and new construction of more than 50 roads throughout Gulf... Read More

Board of Professional Engineers License No. 6155 & Surveying & Mapping Business License No. LB 7137